Monday, November 2, 2009

First and Hopefully Not the Last Post

 Note: I am posting this the day before any election results have been posted.

The idea behind this blog is to create a space where people can post their ideas about how to better the Longmont Community.

After numerous individuals came forward complaining about divisiveness and/or incivility in Longmont, I figured it was time to create a forum for people to talk about ideas without making it personal.

The "divided" City Council has been unanimous on many issues. This does not make for exciting news reporting. However, it's probably good for the citizens.

Maybe there are other issues that citizens can create unanimity around and pass up to our leaders.

I hope that people will not use this blog for scoring political points, rather I hope this is a place where people can ask genuine questions to produce sound policy for the City of Longmont.

Disclosure: I am biased. I am a registered Democrat. And more than that I have previously been President of Longmont Area Democrats. But my community comes before Party affiliation. I hope that folks from across the spectrum will participate.